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About the MiTo

MiTo Buyers Guide – a buyers guide if you are considering a MiTo
MiTo Model Guide – a definitive guide to all models of MiTo
MiTo Engine/Chassis Guide – a definitive guide to the engine, body and chassis codes for the MiTo
MiTo Colour Codes – a definitive list of colour codes for MiTos in the UK
MiTo Gearbox Guide – a list of which MiTos have which gearboxes fitted
MiTo Turbo Guide – a list of the turbos fitted to each MiTo
MiTo Dimensions – dimensions of the MiTo
MiTo Recalls and Service Campaigns – a list of Alfa Romeo recalls and campaigns
Euro NCAP Report
Australia NCAP Report

Looking After the MiTo

MiTo Service Schedule – a definitive 200k/20year service schedule for all MiTos
MiTo Oil Guide – a definitive guide to engine oil for every MiTo
MiTo Oil Volume Guide – engine and gearbox oil volumes for every MiTo
MiTo Battery Guide – a definitive guide to batteries for every MiTo
MiTo Spark Plug Guide – a definitive guide to spark plugs for petrol MiTos
MiTo Warning Light Guide – a guide to the warning lights on the MiTo
MiTo Tyre Pressure Guide – a list of tyre pressures for all Alfa Romeo MiTo models
MiTo Bulbs – a list of all the bulb types around the MiTo
MiTo Brake Disc/Pad Guide – a definitive guide to part numbers for MiTo brake discs/pads
MiTo MultiAir Error Codes – a list of error codes for the 1.4 16v MultiAir MiTo

Further Information

MiTo Coilovers vs Lowered Springs – a comparison between coilovers and lowered springs
MiTo Electric Power Steering Guide – advice for EPS issues and failures
MiTo M32 Gearbox Guide – background information on the M32 gearbox issues
MiTo Diesel DPF/EGR Maintenance – maintaining and preventing issues in your diesel DPF/EGR
MiTo OEM Mats – info and part numbers for the OEM mats for the MiTo
MiTo Front Bumper Guide – part numbers for the MiTo front bumper versions
MiTo Fuel Cap Guide – part numbers and options for different fuel caps

MiTo Owners Manuals

Owners Manuals: 2008 2009 2010 2011/2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
TCT Transmission: 2012 2013 2014-2018
Radio: 2008/2009 2010/2011/2012
Blue&Me: 2008/2009 2010/2011/2012
Blue& Me Nav: 2008-2012
Uconnect: 2013-2015
Uconnect Nav: 2013 2014/2015
Uconnect 5.0: 2016-2018
Uconnect Nav 5.0: 2016-2018

Servicing and Mechanical

How-To Guide: Full Service (1.4 petrol turbo) – oil, filters, spark plugs, cambelt and waterpump service
How-To Guide: Change Rear Brake Pads – how to change your MiTo rear brake pads
How-To Guide: MultiAir Filter – how to change the MultiAir Filter (or MultiAir Oil Strainer)
How-To Guide: Replace Tailgate Release mechanism – remove/change the boot release badge
How-To Guide: Replace Springs and Shocks – replace/upgrade springs, shocks and top mounts
How-To Guide: Cabin/Pollen Filter Change – change your cabin filter on all MiTos
How-To Guide: Replace Lower Front Grilles – replace lower front grilles (© Alen Thomas)


How-To Guide: Blue&Me Update Guide – process to update the Blue&Me software in your MiTo
How-To Guide: Upgrade Uconnect Map – step-by-step to update your later MiTo Uconnect Nav map
How-To Guide: Heater Resistor – change the Heater Resistor when your fan stops blowing
How-To Guide: Glovebox Rattle Fix – fixing typical glovebox rattles in your MiTo
How-To Guide: Replace Heater Bulbs – change your blown bulbs behind the 3-dial heater
How-To Guide: Remove Steering Wheel Airbag – how to safely remove your MiTo airbag


How-To Guide: Change Wing Mirror Covers – change your mirror covers
How-To Guide: Install a Tuning Box (1.4 petrol turbo) – install a Bluespark, Racechip or other tuning box
How-To Guide: Choose and Fit K&N Air Filter – the correct K&N filters for the MiTo and how to fit them
How-To Guide: Alarm Country Update – how to silence your ‘Alfa Beeps’
How-To Guide: Upgrade Front Bumper Clip Rivets – how to upgrade to rivnuts for longevity
How-To Guide: Double DIN Stereo Upgrade – what you need to upgrade your MiTo stereo
How-To Guide: Honeycomb Grille – making a custom honeycomb front grille