AROC Archive – Over 50 Years of History

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club Archive is an online experience of over fifty years of AROC magazines, each viewable online by AROC members! That’s approaching 500 publications from our humble beginnings.

The Archive has initially been populated with the Club magazines from Volume 1 Number 1 published in January 1967 up to the end of 2019. This is a rich story of the history of AROC, the people who created and drove its growth and laid the foundations for the Club as it exists today. The range and depth of the information in it is extraordinary.

To protect our copyright and legacy of AROC it is accessible to members only, and you will be asked to log in at each visit using your normal membership details.

The Archive includes many features, including:

  • All Club magazines and newsletters from the earliest publications in the 1960s
  • Full index by year and volume of publication
  • Contents and contributors for every publication
  • Full search facility to find something specific over the decades

This is the first step in establishing an online resource for members. It has been designed with expansion for other material in mind; you might like to consider what else could be posted there for the benefit of all members. Examples that spring readily to mind are: brochures; Section newsletters; technical material; or just photos from events. The scope of what is placed in the Archive is limited only by your imagination (and copyright where this applies)!

Have a look at our Archive today, and see some of the fascinating articles over the last fifty years.  It really is a treasure trove!