Southern Alfa Day – Please Behave Responsibly

David Faithful
18 September 2020
Club News

We are all eagerly awaiting our Southern Alfa Day at Stonor Park on Saturday 19th September.

Thames Valley Police have been hugely supportive and helpful, guiding and supporting us to obtain the Covid-19 approvals for the event to go ahead.

Stonor Park is set amongst local villages with friendly people, so please ensure we show our gratitude to Thames Valley Police and the neighbouring villages by following some simple princples when you arrive and depart:

  • Drive quietly through the neighbouring villages – if you have a loud exhaust there is no need to try to impress the locals
  • Observe the speed limits at all times – be very aware of the safety of local people and speeding will impress nobody
  • Show Thames Valley Police and residents that we are courteous and friendly Alfa Romeo owners – without them this event would not be going ahead

Thames Valley Police will be in and around the Stonor area from early on Saturday throughout the day, and we sincerely hope that our behaviour will enable us to return to Stonor and other locations in the Thames Valley in future.

Thank you and have a fabulous Southern Alfa Day!

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