November 2022 Meeting

4 November 2022

For our November meeting, the section was invited to Snows Alfa Romeo in Southampton for an Open evening / Tonale preview.  We had a great evening and we offer big thank you to Will Smith, Snows Franchise Manager and his team for putting on the event.  Everybody enjoyed the evening, it was good to have so many of the staff on site to talk to and I’m sure those who got to take out the Tonale enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity.  Refreshments were provided and everyone got an Alfa themed “goody bag” to take away at the end.

Although we missed a few individuals who were unable to make it (some possibly due to the poor weather), by my count, we had 36 people attending.

Among these were a number of recent joiners at their first Wessex Section meeting. These were Chris Rocker, Jon Walter, Marcus Varney and Theo Visser. To all of these we offer a warm welcome.

I didn’t manage to get a count of how many Alfas we brought along (and I’m afraid the weather kept away the classic Alfas …including mine !) but there must have been getting on for 20 in front of the showroom and scattered elsewhere around the site.

A very nice evening and hopefully the start of a great relationship between Snows and AROC !

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