Episode 97 of the Alfa Romeo Podcast Available!

7 July 2024
Club News

We are delighted to announce that episode 97 of our Alfa Romeo Driver Podcast is now available!

For the last two months we’ve been promising you an interview with Jamie Porter about becoming a racing driver. Last month he was bumped in favour of Alfa Romeo Managing Director Jules Tilstone. This month… well, this month we’re unable to bring the interview to you for technical reasons. Honestly, we lost it. We looked for it – for days – but it’s not there. We will re-record it, but unfortunately, Jamie is now on holiday.

But we promised you Jamie, so Jamie you shall have. Here’s another chance to listen to Episode 24 – from way back in January 2021. If you’ve only started to listen to the podcast recently and haven’t listened to everything in the archive, this is a cracker. And, if you have listened to it before, it’s definitely worth another listen. If nothing else, it illustrates how much better our production techniques have got!

You can listen to this and all our Podcasts here and they can also be found on all major podcast sites (Podbean, iTunes, Spotify) as well as our Youtube channel.

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