AROC Guardian Launched!

23 February 2024
Club News

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club has launched a new feature – exclusive to Club members, at no additional cost – which enables Members to build their own online micro-sites for each of their cars. AROC Guardian allows them share their content through social media or via one of our unique, downloadable ‘tax discs’ which feature a QR code linked to their Guardian site.

To kick off its 60th Anniversary celebrations, the Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK has launched their new Guardian product for members.

Once logged in to the AROC website, members can view their ‘My AROC’ page to manage their account, renew their membership, update the cars they own in our register, and see other member-only content.

In ‘My Cars’, members are now able to create and edit Guardian pages for their Alfa Romeos. Guardian enables members to easily create content-rich micro-sites for each of their cars – with as much detail as they wish. Members can share the history of their car, a restoration journey, a travelogue, or technical details about their Alfa Romeo using an easy-to-use, feature-rich user interface.

Every car has a unique number that stays with the car forever, so when a member sells the car to another member, the new owner inherits the Guardian page and all the history.

Members can upload or change the cover image of each Guardian site, which consists of Sections of content with images, headings or text, enabling members to create professional looking micro-sites.

There is no limit to what Members can add to each of their Alfa Romeo Guardian pages. All images are stored securely on the AROC Amazon Web Services cloud storage, so the AROC website will still have the excellent performance our Members expect regardless of how much content is added.

A key feature of Guardian is downloadable ‘tax discs’. This enables our members to share Guardian pages at events by displaying a unique QR coded ‘tax disc’ in their windscreen.

Members can choose a vibrant rosso, cloverleaf green, classic or blue tax disc design and, once generated with a unique QR code, members can save to a PDF file or print directly and the printed tax disc will be perfectly sized to cut out and display in a standard tax disc holder in windscreens.

At car shows and events, visitors can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones and will be immediately taken to the member’s Guardian page to learn more about the Alfa Romeo on display.

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club Guardian is a great new feature for our members to create, curate and share their own site dedicated to each of their Alfa Romeos. And Guardian is included in the cost of membership – just one of the huge number of benefits for members of the Club.

Add Your Guardian Sites Today!

The AROC website has a new LOGIN button at the top of the site, enabling users to login with their registered email/password.

Members already have the ability to add cars to their account, and once those cars are added in the Manage Account, members will see those cars in their My Cars and can start creating their Guardian pages!

Our aim is to have hundreds of Alfa Romeo Guardian pages for visitors to scan and read about at Spring Alfa Day, South West Alfa Day, Scottish Italian Car Day and of course National Alfa Day!

But every guardian page has a URL – a location on the internet – that can be shared online, on social media and elsewhere, so you don’t need to wait for a show!

We encourage every member to create their own Guardian pages for all their Alfa Romeos – let’s go!

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