Alfasud Data Gathering Project Launched

David Faithful
31 July 2020
Club News

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club has Model Registers for all models of Alfa Romeo, but some Alfas of the past are very few in number and we need to start gathering as much data as we can now on every vehicle still in existence.

And this is the driver for our new initiative, the UK & Ireland Alfasud Register. 

We aim to gather data for every Alfasud, Alfasud Sprint and Giardinetta in the UK and Ireland to build a definitive database of accurate information about all remaining Suds.  The aim is simple: to create a definitive register of every Sud in the UK or Ireland, whether on the road, a shell in the back of your garage or racing on a track.

If you have a Sud, please take 5 minutes to help us by entering your information at and we will share a summary of our findings in the coming months.

And if you know someone with an Alfasud, please point them at and ask them to complete the form.

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