33 Stradale Day

3 March 2024
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A legend deserves to be celebrated: Alfa Romeo launches ‘33 Stradale Day’

2023 will go down in the annals as the year of the 33 Stradale: a legend, a symbol that embodies all the values of one of the most iconic sports brands in the history of world motoring.  The number 33 has become a symbol of identity and, in its honour, Alfa Romeo is announcing the founding of ‘33 Stradale Day’.

Starting from 3rd March 2024, this will become an annual celebration with all the enthusiasts around the world and more than 250 clubs who share a passion for the brand.

The symbolic date, 3/3, recalls the name of the new Alfa Romeo fuoriserie (custom-built) car. For the first ‘33 Stradale Day’, the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile has produced new official images depicting it in the exclusive and evocative Blu Reale. The colour was originally available on the 1967 33 and one of the three body colors on offer, together with the classic Rosso Alfa and the more sophisticated Rosso Villa d’Este.

The 33 Stradale is an authentic manifesto of the Italian brand’s capabilities in terms of style and driving experience. Made in only 33 exclusive units, the new two-seater coupé combines the heritage with the future of the brand and is produced according to a unique artisanal process, with the highest quality standards and obsessive attention to detail.

The 33 has become a leitmotif for the brand. More a one-off than a rare coincidence, the number 33 can also be found in the 2023 Alfa Romeo commercial results: globally, the brand grew by 33% compared with 2022, a unique coincidence that seems to have been made specially to celebrate the relaunch of the 1960s icon.

Moving back in time, the number 33 takes on further symbolic and celebratory value. In June 2021 – 33 months ago – the 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport won the historical re-enactment of the 1000Miglia, a historic competition Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful car race in the world.”

Going further back into history: 1933 was a year of sporting glory, when Alfa Romeo dominated sports competitions and it won over the hearts of racing fans. The famous pairing of Nuvolari and Compagnoni won the 1000Miglia in the high-performance 8C 2300. In the same car, Antonio Brivio dominated the Targa Florio, the oldest endurance car race in the world, held in Sicily. Finally, aboard the same glorious racing car, the Nuvolari-Sommer duo won the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In short, 33 is a magic number for Alfa Romeo and its Tribe.

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