Yet more six person meetings during lockdown

2 August 2020

Another three meetings held over the past few weeks at different locations in the New Forest, each involving up to six members and their cars.  As usual, we have been meeting in a suitable car park, with a picnic chair and some refreshments and had a socially distanced catch up for an hour or so (together with a little mutual Alfa admiration!).

In these most recent meetings, we have met some new individuals and their cars including David and Diane Lee and their V6 Brera and Stuart Jenkins and his 4C.  Other interesting cars in addition to the regular 105 series cars and 916 spiders have been Peter Godwin’s 1962 Giulietta Sprint and Mark Siney’s 156 GTA.

We will continue to have these small meets periodically while the lockdown persists and we are unable to hold our normal events and meetings.  Given that we can only have six individuals at each one of these it is obvious that not many members have had the opportunity to attend.  By their nature, we cannot make individual meets open to everybody but there is no intent to exclude anyone so, if you would like to come to one of these (whether or not you have been before), please let me (David) know and I will invite you to one in the near future.  Please let me know if you prefer a meet on a weekday morning, weekday evening, or weekend.

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