Wessex Section Zoom Meeting, January 28th

29 January 2021

On the 28th January, we held our 5th Zoom virtual Section Meeting and welcomed new Wessex members Andy Hind, Will Dickson and Richard Bruce-White.

The main feature of the meeting was a quiz managed via Kahoot.  The quiz was made up of 20 multiple choice questions which the pwarticipants answered via their smartphone with speed of answering being a key factor in addition to getting the answer correct !  The 20 questions covered Alfa Romeos, other (lesser !) cars and general knowledge.  At the end of all this, the final scores put Will Dickson in third place, Stephen Paddock in second but the worthy winner by a margin of over 3000 points (!) was Graham Manchester with an impressive 12920 points !

David also shared some data derived from the “How Many Left” website on the number of Alfa Romeos of different types currently on UK roads.

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