Transaxle Night, May 18th 2015

23 May 2015

Section Secretary Grant Richardson writes:

The second of our themed nights this year was at The Star, and focussed on the ‘transaxle’ cars from the 1970s and 1980s.  These cars seem to be well represented in Surrey, with three of the committee owning five examples between us.  So we are possibly a little biased in our view of these cars.  Unfortunately Barry Daborn was not able to join us in his SZ, so we were limited to a collection of three GTV6s and two 75s.  The photo shows my (silver) GTV6; recently completed black GTV6 owned by returning member Kevin Eastwood; Nick Suiter’s 75 race car; and Kevin Rasher’s South African GTV6 complete with 6 carburettors.  Missing  from the photo is Alex Daborn’s recently tidied 75 looking in sparkling condition now that it is all the same shade of red.

And we should not forget Harry Filer’s ‘transaxle’ car which was hiding at the back, although I spotted it straight away when I arrived.  It is a Porsche 928 which Harry tells me he bought in a moment of madness at an auction as he needed something to get around in while his Bertone is being rebuilt.  A good effort Harry!

Among the 15 cars at the event were the following new faces:

Dave Lewry and his cousin Kenneth who recently saved a 156 2.0 from the scrap heap . Kenneth picked up the car in miserable state parked under a tree covered in moss . Once he cleaned it , put a new battery in he took it to MOT and passed with full colours . It is his first Alfa and really loving it.

Alan Vine in Barry Daborn’s old Brera 2.2 ProDrive.  He purchased the car through Alfa dealer and workshop Allam’s in Epsom where Alan is a technician.  He has had the car for 7 months, which was bought to replace a 155 that was sadly beyond further repair.  The Brera is now sporting a rather large bass speaker in the boot that I am sure was not there when Barry owned the car (see picture).

We would also like to give a warm welcome to new member Nick Slater with his beautiful Giulia Sprint (pictured below). Nick joined the section in April.

Welcome to all and I hope to see you in June at our Fun Concours event

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