Thames Valley Section Christmas Quiz

Thames Valley Christmas Quiz winner
Thames Valley
7 December 2022

The annual Thames Valley Section Christmas Quiz took place on Tuesday, 7th December at the usual Bird in Hand pub near Reading.

We have an odd but amusing tradition in our section in that the quiz winner has to write the quiz the following year. This means applying a certain amount of technique to the question set – the ultimate goal is to obtain enough points to maintain bragging rights but not enough to win. Saying that, the actual prize is always excellent!

Last year’s winner, Guy Swarbrick, created a fiendish set of 40 questions for the 2022 entrants – highlights included “In what year did the Alfa Romeo marque most recently return to Formula One?” Answer: 2015 on the back of a Ferrari! and “The 4C was the second Alfa Romeo road car with the ability to corner in excess of 1G. What was the first?” Answer: The SZ!

Despite his attempts to lose, the winner, with 18 points out of 40 (that tells you the difficulty level), was Julian Milne – who also previously won in 2020! Well done, Julian!

The prize was a metal poster of Alfa models from all eras which was universally admired…

The TV committee wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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