Loheac – Manoir D’Automobile 3-5 Oct 2008

4 October 2008

With the promise of some attrocious weather Jacky, Graham & Simon Wood set off from Portsmouth on the overnight ferry to St. Malo. A good meal (with the odd glass of wine) on board set us up for a good nights sleep prior to the early morning drive. As it turned out the weather on the Saturday was beautiful, the drive to Josselin (to stock up on cheese at the local Market) was stunning through the breton countryside with the Trees just beginning to turn. We then headed off to Loheac to meet up with Tim & Andrea Hope-Frost and Steve & De Oxlade at the village creperie.
We had found out a few weeks before that the Paris – Deauville rally was going through Loheac on our planned weekend, and there was also an AutoBrocante at the Manoir D'automobile, so when we strolled up to the Museum on the Saturday afternoon, we had a real treat in store!
The museum car park was full, and the inital approaches to the nearby circuit were full of the rally cars parked up. We spent a fascinating couple of hours walking around the cars (which included many Alfas) especially admiring the many Citroen DS on display.
An hour in the AutoBrocants proved most interesting (the temptation to spend was great!) before finally going into the Museum, which had some updated displays from last year.
Tim & Andrea only made it half weay round, and knew they would have to return later in their holiday to do it justice! Words cannot do the Museum justice, just a strong recommendation to visit this little known but wonderful collection of all marques. Not only the cars, but a vast collection of all things automotive, a 'chapel' dedicated to the petrol engine, an extensive model collection, car club badges, automotive stamp collections, a full F1 grid with cars with a french connection, fantistc cimena area with video footage of class B rallying etc. etc.
A little time was also spent viewing the Formula Renault cars on the circuit, before finally watching a Renault 5 Turbo demonstrating perfect controlled double spins on the home straight, finally doughnutting around the commentator who disappeared in a cloud of burnt rubber!
Finally leaving the museum at closing time, we wandered down the road to the Relais des Arcandiers for an excellent meal whilst reminicing on the day and discussing the current poor economic situation (but no talk of anyone selling their cars!).
Although the Sunday morning did live up to the weather expectations for the weekend, the afternoon brightened up for the drive to the various departure ports for the journey back to Wessex.

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