June 2023 Meeting

4 June 2023

For our June meeting, as a change from our normal Wednesday evening meetings, we held a “Giro Panoramico” driving day and picnic on Sunday, June 4th .  This was planned by Mark and Carol Gardiner.

Mark and Carol planned a convoy run, starting from near the St Leonards Hotel just west of Ringwood and taking a scenic route through very attractive countryside towards Shaftesbury and from there around Cranborne Chase to the Larmar Tree Gardens near Tollard Royal, a journey totaling around 60 miles.  We were fortunate with the weather which was warm and sunny all day.   We arrived at the gardens at around 13:00 and everyone enjoyed their picnic before touring the beautiful gardens.

Unfortunately due to a last minute issue, Mark and Carol were unable to attend but we successfully negotiated their planned route with ten cars in line.  We didn’t lose anyone en-route although sadly, we lost Ray Storey at the start when his 916 Spider, which had got him to the start point with no problems, then refused to start.  I understand from Ray that the car fixed itself and started again some time later such that he was able to get home.  He suspects an intermittent issue with immobiliser system !  That’s the fun of driving an Alfa I guess !

A big thank you to Mark and Carol for planning the route for the Giro !

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