Introduce a Friend

David Faithful
18 October 2011
Club News

The Club is pleased to announce a scheme whereby, in return for getting a friend to join the Club as a new member, an existing member will receive a voucher entitling them to either a reduction of £5 off their next renewal subscription, or a £5 voucher for use at the Club shop.
The £7.50 joining fee is being waived in conjunction with this offer too so it makes it worthwhile for both parties.

A maximum of two vouchers may be used for any one year’s adult subscription and the vouchers are non-transferable (to other people or held over for subsequent years).

A form can also be downloaded below, or email

Vouchers will be issued once new membership is paid and the new member elected by the Club. The scheme applies to new members joining only, not renewals.

This offer will run until 31st January 2012 and we do hope you will take advantage of it.

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