Giulia Owners at Auto Italia Prescott Hill Climb 2024

Giulia 952 Registrar
12 May 2024

A few Giulia owners and Register members, took the opportunity of this year’s edition of Auto Italia Prescott Hill Climb to get together.

The weather was great and we all took part at the hill runs, plus a few young passengers who found the experience of the four climbs nothing less than exciting.

There were loads of Alfa Romeos, but spread out across the different parking zones reserved to those who signed up for the hill drives; quite a few 952 Giulias, with the only small glitch being the commentator never getting right the name “Quadrifoglio”… it was always the Giulia “Quattro Valvole” (!) … so he was only missing another 20 to his count.

Several 4Cs in “formation” including the one owned by Alan G. who was always flawless when gunning it off the starting the line… but we were missing his “Giulia”!

Gathered together at the end of the runs

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