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10 April 2022

Hi All

I trust you are well and surviving this  cold spell. The Alfetta was out and now its tucked up again! Until Friday next week when its off to Omicron in Norfolk, seem they do on car prop balancing, as long as your prop turns at engine speed, so that will be the transaxle series of cars they can balance it without removal. Ill let you know how it goes.

Sinse I wrote the above the car has been balanced, and it makes the world of difference, it is so much smoother and more enjoyable to drive, it really was very out of balance!It needed 45 grams added at the rear, 20 grams in the middle and 25 at the front! Its quite involved and a two man job so 13 hours of labour but it must surely be cheaper than taking it all off and having it balanced somewhere, also doing it on the car it is balanced in harmony with the engine too.

 Had my head turned by this rather lovely B20 while I was there!!

 Our March meet at the Old Ram Coaching House was again a tough but entertaining quiz by Phil. First prize was won by, well awkwardly, Juliette and I, so I will probably put it back in the pot for the next quiz, there will be new quizmasters to give Phil  rest and so we can make him suffer!! First Prize for the quiz, probably at the AGM will be a free MOT by Avanti Autos in Ipswich courtesy of Mario.

Sunday 24 April 2022 – Spring Alfa Day at Burghley House  Tickets available now!


For 2022, Spring Alfa Day returns to Burghley House, Stamford.  Burghley is one of the largest and grandest surviving houses of the sixteenth century and a magnificent example of the great Elizabethan ‘prodigy’ houses. Conceived by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I, between 1555 and 1587, Burghley is a testament to the ambition and vision of the most powerful courtier of the first Elizabethan age.  More information can be found at https://www.burghley.co.uk/!

Meet up at 12noon by the Club gazebo like we did at NAD

Sunday 8th MayFish and Chips with the Essex Section, time TBC, Floras Tea Rooms, Beach Rd, Dunwich, Saxmundham IP17 3EN

Saturday 28th May, Norfolk Drive, Start time 10am, for a bacon bap and a cup of tea and a wander round the museum then depart at noon,  via a Malcolm Tulip Road Book from Old Buckenham Airfield, Abbey Road, Old Buckenham, Norfolk, NR17 1PU destination Banham Zoo, Kenninghall Road, Banham, Norwich, NR16 2HE


Now I have been asked about Classics at Glemham and Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars. If you are coming to any of these three events do let me know as I will need to know numbers in advance to issue wristbands, spaces etc

Sunday July 10th, 9th Gear 9am with the South Mids Section, this year we are meeting up at the section favourite Kimbolton Country Fayre, Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon, PE28 2AZ

Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars 7th August 2022 Helmingham is simple, I have booked a stand for 30 cars, £10’s to me in advance to save a spot, more details will of course follow. PS I don’t get to keep the tenners they all go to Helmingham as I have to pay up front in advance! https://www.helmingham.com/events/the-festival-of-classic-sports-cars/

Classics at Glemham 4th September 2022, Glemham is a bit different this year, you have to pay via the website and then download and print your tickets to display on your windscreen coming in. There will be two entrances, your ticket colour (see later) will dictate the directions and entrances you use. There have already been some problems with incorrect ticket booking.

Open the website https://classicsglemham.org.uk/ and scroll down to the  2022 Show Tickets are now on sale and click the Get Tickets link, If you want to be on the CLUB STAND rather than in general classics parking use the top option Exhibitor Pass/ Car Club Member and book the top option for a car, driver and one passenger for £5.00 for additional passengers its £6 for each. It seems members of other car clubs have been getting it all wrong!! Fill in all the details and right at the bottom in Club Name, put Alfa Romeo Owners Club. If you get it right you will be emailed a RED ticket. I am sure you will be fine, its them others!!!

I hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes


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