3D MiTos

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Registrar: David Faithful

Since Alfa Romeo announced the end of production of the MiTo, we have been experimenting with 3D models to ensure that we have ways of showing people the MiTos that were available and are still out there. The project has so far created fifteen different coloured models – one for every colour in which the 2008-2016 pre-facelift MiTo was produced.

We started with basic models of a MiTo which was processed through Autodesk Maya, then layered with texture maps and colour renders to deliver as close a model as we could achieve for each colour produced by Alfa Romeo. In future, we aim to model the 2016 onwards facelift models too.

Click on the colours from the selection below to see the 3D model.

Once in the model, click and hold/drag the left mouse button to move/rotate horizontally and vertically. Hold the right mouse button to pan the model, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out. Naturally on a smartphone you can use your usual single or two-fingered gestures.

Please note, each model takes considerable processing power and memory on your device, so we advise that you only open one at a time and be patient – they can take up to 20 seconds or more to load. Due to the complexity of the model rendering, it may not work on some older mobile devices. It works well on Google Chrome and Safari browsers and quite well on Firefox. But it tends not to work on Internet Explorer.