Alfa Female

Secretary: Allie Taylor
Alfa Female

Are you an Alfa Female?

Welcome to an exciting new section within the Alfa Romeo Owners Club! Alfa Female has been created to encourage more ladies to join the club and celebrate their achievements by showing off their love of everything Alfa.

Our female members are scattered all over the UK and this section aims to bring us all together both in person, in our club magazine, online for events, support and advice.

We have lots of plans for the coming months and we already have a new Facebook group with over a hundred members- which is growing each day! If you are an Alfa Female on Facebook, be sure to join our Alfa Female Facebook Group at this link.

We recently were featured on our AROC podcast which brought out confidence and passion to put this group together.

It is by no means intended as a way to separate the sexes but as an additional option for our ladies to have a place where we can share ideas and stories without any of the judgement that can sadly follow from a small minority of people within the car industry generally.

This initiative should be taken in the spirit that it was devised and created – as a very positive step, not just for Alfisti, but for the whole club and its future. And we are delighted to introduce you to Allie Taylor who is our Alfa Female Section Secretary!

Allie Taylor

“My love of cars came from my dad who worked in the motor industry all his life.

I followed in his footsteps and had various jobs in the trade from dealing with warranty claims to service advisor. As my children grew up I decided to treat myself and five years ago I bought Michael the MiTo”.

“Having Michael and being in AROC has been fantastic.

I’ve made lots friends and loved the opportunities that have come with it; never in a million years did I think I’d be going round Curborough with Vicki Butler-Henderson sat next to me!”

Allie and her family are regulars at MiTo track days and AROC events. In fact, at National Alfa Day in 2021 she was re-acquainted with Vicki Butler-Henderson who was our guest of honour! VBH said afterwards how much fun she had with Allie and the other AROC members at the MiTo track day, driving Allie’s car around Curborough and showing us all what the MiTo can do.

Allie is a passionate Alfa owner and a terrific example of an Alfa Female.

There is already over 200 Alfa Females in our group, so if you are an Alfa Female (or you know one) then be sure to get them to join us!