Beer, Skittles and a Sunday Roast lunch!

Central Sussex
27 March 2024

On Sunday 24th March a group of Central Sussex members and their partners were enticed out of their natural habitats by the prospect of a roast lunch, Harvey’s ales and a few rounds of skittles at the Royal Oak in Barcombe.

We were given the run of the sizeable skittles room where we also dined surrounded by other pub games including the traditional Sussex “Toad in the hole”. (see below).

All players gradually honed their skills, but it wasn’t long before the leaders began to pull away.

A significant pause was taken for some roasts, desserts and drinks which were at that point very well-earned, all unanimously described as delicious, after which the skittles resumed.

The finals scores saw Carol Shorrock, David Aicken and Simon Novis all on 23 points and a final shoot-out made Carol the ultimate winner with an extra 8 points.

Carol later put her victory down to the layout of the skittle alley somehow favouring her and fellow left-handed high scorers, which allowed the rest of us to take some comfort by being able to blame our lack of success on the day on our parents!

Stan Bailey (Chairman)

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