AROC Sprint Series 2012

David Faithful
12 February 2012
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Get your Alfa on track with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club! The AROC Sprint Series returns in 2012 in association with Series Sponsors, CTR ALFATUNE.

Get your Alfa on track with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club!



The AROC Sprint series is going to continue in 2012 albeit in a slightly different format, we are going to have a more low key approach to the events this year and plan on having a “holding year” while we allow the management structure and financial situation to calm down a bit before we plan a full-on re-launch for 2013.

We will still run the usual sprints along with the TSS and Javelin and they will provide members with an opportunity to take part in competitive motorsport in their own road cars without the need for expensive modifications etc.

For those who want the best of both worlds we will also be dipping our toe into the more traditional MSA sprints this year as well to give our motorsport portfolio a much more rounded structure which will fit in with our other motorsport activities for the future.

Sprint Structure

Javelin Sprints: Owners of standard/modified road cars and a standard road licence.

MSA Sprints: Owners of Modified cars/race cars etc with MSA spec safety Equipment and MSA licence (MSA National ‘B’ Speed Licence, as a minimum).

The Javelin events will be licensed under the IOPD and the MSA events will be licensed by the MSA and the appropriate affiliate club. (ASEMC: the Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs)

What this means for you as a member is that if you have an MSA licence you are free to take part in all of the events, if you only have a standard road licence but still want to get your car on track and actually compete against the clock you still can with the Javelin events.

The Provisional Javelin events are (Fixed price £100+vat):

18th March – Woodbridge

13th May – Blyton

17th June – RAF Wittering

TBA – RAF Barkston Heath

16th Sept – Croft (88dba trackday on the 15th)

20th Oct – Snetterton 100 (launch of 2013 sprint series)

Provisional ASEMC MSA Events that are recommended by AROC (variable entry fee dependant on venue):

Saturday 28 April – Bognor Regis MC Sprint Goodwood

Saturday/Sunday 26/27 May – Sevenoaks & DMC Sprint Crystal Palace

Saturday 9 June – Sutton & Cheam MC Sprint Abingdon

Sunday 5 August – Borough 19 MC Sprint Hethel

Saturday 6 October – BARC Midlands Centre The October Sprint Curborough

General Information

The Sprint events offer a cost effective and easy way to bring your Alfa Romeo to the track and compete against other drivers in an informal, friendly and competitive set of events. The structure allows competitors to enter as many or few events as they like and focuses on grass roots competition on a variety of circuits around the country.

The format comprises of drivers running a set number of timed laps/runs. The Javelin events offer a less formal event and greater number of runs where the MSA events tend to be fewer runs but on more well known circuits.

The classes and regulations are structured to encourage completely standard road cars into the event, this is especially true as there is no roll cage, race seat or fixed fire extinguisher requirement for the Javelin events.

You really can enter your daily driver into the events in the same way that you can take part in a regular trackday, however the regulations allows competitors to modify their vehicles or enter heavily modified or race prepared cars if they wish. (For the MSA events there will be some modification required but this only consists of a fixed timing "tab" on the front of the vehicle and fitting an approved fire extinguisher)

Keep checking back here for details or register your interest via e-mail at:

Javelin Costs

Registration Fee (per competitor): £0 (Free)
Race Licence: £15 (Can be bought on the day, no test required)
Event entry fee for each round: £100 (+Vat)


ASEMC Speed Championship registration fee: £10 (Free)
MSA National ‘B’ Speed Licence: £36
Event entry fee for each round: £Variable

All competitors must register before taking part this is free for the Javelin events, for the ASEMC events a fee is payable, but registration with AROC is free (details can be sent by e-mail).

Further Information

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To download regulations and entry forms, see attachments below.

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