AROC General Meeting 26th November 2011

David Faithful
29 November 2011
Club News

Following the General Meeting held on Saturday 26th November 2011, we are pleased to confirm the following members were voted onto the Board of Directors.

Simon Addison, Mike Bedwell, Chris Bligh, Neil Branham, Ken Carrington, Euan Colbron, Chris Cousins, Peter Edwards, Peter Farquhar, John Griffiths, Adrian Horne, Ed Meardon, Colin Metcalfe, Richard Murtha, Nikki Perry, Robin Rands, David Taylor, Stuart Taylor, John Timms, Lis Whitehair.


At a subsequent Board meeting, the following appointments were made.

Ken Carrington – Chairman of the Board

Peter Farquhar – Company Secretary

Ed Meardon – Financial Director

Further details of the General Meeting will be in the December issue of the Club magazine, including our thanks to Margaret Sismey (Treasurer)  & John Norrington (Company Secretary) who will both be leaving the Board after 10 years in these roles for the Club.

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