Alfa Females Centre-Stage at Museo Alfa Romeo

22 May 2024
Club News

The Alfa Romeo Museum Backstage events have become synonymous with celebrating key moments, cars and people in the long history of Alfa Romeo.

And this month was no exception, where the Museum hosted a live event entitled Donne Alfa, or in English Alfa Women.

The session included fascinating interviews with Alfa Women, including:

  • Marialaura Luraghi who has a long history and DNA with Alfa Romeo. Her grandfather was Giuseppe Luraghi who was the president of Alfa Romeo and pivotal in the creation of the original Alfa Romeo Giulietta which celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year.
  • Alessandra Giorgetti who was born on 24th June (and Alfa Romeo birthday) and has a long history with Alfa Romeo and is now a renowned judge in international Concours de’Elegance across the world
  • Barbara Riolfo who is a lead restorer and conservationist at the Museum, known for her meticulous care and attention to ensure the cars on display are also loved and in perfect condition
  • Elvira Ruocco who was a ‘Portello girl’ and previously led the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo where she was the custodian of some of the most important history in the automotive world, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of women in Alfa’s history

AROC Alfa Females Feature

As well as the women interviewed, AROC’s own Alfa Females also feature in the event.

There are images and references to our own Alfa Female section during the presentation, and the Backstage event ends with a video from our own Debbie Lindsay who talks about her Alfa Romeo Journey

You can watch the video with English translation here, or you can find all the Alfa Romeo Backstage events on their Youtube Channel here.

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