Alfa Female goes to Silverstone Museum!

Alfa Female
5 November 2023

First proper Alfa Female outing on 30th April 2023 and it was excellent! We went to Silverstone Interactive Museum together.

Thanks to Allie Taylor for organising it and it was so lovely to meet Susan Fuller, Gail Travers, Abigail DeLazzer and Ruth Frost (and loved ones)!

The museum is slick, interactive and full of interesting stuff, including the racing suit of Christabel Carlisle who had a successful career racing Mini Coopers.

We were amused to also see the racing outfit of Barry Sheene – complete with hole in the helmet for his cigarette. You wouldn’t exactly get away with that on a grid these days! Apart from the odd Ferrari reference, there weren’t any Italian cars there, though. We made up for it by dominating the attendance with Alfa Romeo branded clothing. There might have been an Alfa Female hoodie too.

After spending the day with very cool and badass ladies, the other highlight for me was the theatre racing simulation at the end of the museum – which I thought was brilliant. I should point out that buying a one-day museum ticket gets you an annual pass so that you can go back at any time!

After we’d seen all the exhibits, we had lunch together and then wandered outside where you could see part of the track and the racing in progress. Sadly, we managed to miss the ARCA Championship races but at least two other AROC Managers were there to capture the action!

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