AROC MiTo Sprint Day 2024

19 jun 2024



The Alfa Romeo Owners Club MiTo Register will be returning for a MiTo Sprint day only for MiTos on Wednesday 19th June 2024, precisely 16 years to the day that Alfa Romeo launched the MiTo at Castello Sforzesco in Milan on 19th June 2008.

Curborough Sprint Course is a fast but safe environment for experienced or budding amateurs to try their Alfa Romeo on a track at their own speed and skill level – first-timers are hugely welcome! Curborough can be found at Netherstowe Lane, Lichfield WS13 8E, or you can visit the Curborough website at

This event is for AROC Members only and is limited to the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Your membership details will be validated against an existing, active membership.

Places are limited to ensure all participants get lots of track time, so if you get a ticket you can sure to get on the track!

You may bring an adult partner or friend to spectate or have passenger rides but they cannot drive on the track. Only ticket holders may drive due to liability.


Members arrive in good time before 9.30am to receive a safety briefing. Anyone not present for the safety briefing will not be allowed on the track.

All participants will then participate in a slow practice lap to ensure everyone knows the safe route around the track.

Track time will commence after the practice laps, and will be one car at a time. There will be plenty of time for being on the track, and you will get to meet and speak to other members in the paddock as everyone forms a queue to join the track, and spectating others throughout the day is half the fun.

Track time will be 3 full laps of the circuit before exiting the track and joining the queue again.

And don’t worry about the weather! Curborough is just as much fun in the wet as it is in the dry. The event will go ahead whatever the weather, and finding the limits in your Alfa Romeo on wet tarmac can be even more of a fun experience than in the dry! And it makes you a safer driver on the roads.


  • Ensure your car is full of fuel as the nearest petrol station is some distance.
  • Ensure you car (particularly brakes and tyres) are fit for track use.
  • Bring lots of water and drinks, and a packed lunch or your own food.
  • Bring a camping chair if you have one, or there are some chairs or grass to sit on.
  • Bring an umbrella and coat in case of inclement weather.
  • Bring your camera, phone or GoPro if you wish to record the day.

Motorsport can be dangerous, therefore the following rules will apply:

1. Maximum 105db(A) noise restriction applies
2. One car on the track at a time
3. Strictly no speeding off the track
4. No drifting or exhibitionism
5. No timings
6. Helmets are not required in the MiTo, only soft-tops

Breaking any rules will result in you being removed from the event.

Whilst we have public liability insurance, YOU WILL NOT BE INSURED ON THE TRACK. You accept that you are responsible for your own car and your own skills on the track and/or have taken out track-day insurance.

The cost per participant is £40. There can be no refunds as Curborough now requires pre-payment, so PLEASE only register if you can attend and fully intend to.

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