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Registrar: Franco Macri


The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato is a two-door hatchback sports coupe that was produced by the Italian body manufacturer Zagato from 1969 to 1975. The vehicle was designed by Ercole Spada, head of development. The body was manufactured by Zagato, where the final assembly also took place. The technology came essentially from the Alfa Romeo Giulia . Alfa Romeo was responsible for sales and service. The vehicle was first presented at the 1969 Turin Motor Show. Unlike previous Alfa Zagato types, it is not primarily a sports car, but rather a Gran Turismo.

The design was clearly ahead of its time. The design was characterized by smooth, no-frills surfaces and a large, glazed tailgate. Both elements were later adopted by numerous compact cars and sporty coupes (e.g. Alfa Romeo GTV [1] or Honda CRX ). The cladding of the entire front of the car was made of a clear plastic, whereby only the Alfa heart was left out. The design of the oval dashboard repeated elements of the front design. However, the very modern and bold vehicle shape for the conditions at that time also had shortcomings. The two rear seats are so narrow that they can only be used as storage space and the trunk has no screen under the large rear window. The processing quality and rust prevention were also frequently criticized.

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