SZ/RZ ES30 Register

Registrar: Adrian Jardine


The SZ/RZ REGISTER of the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club is a group dedicated to the upkeep and celebration of Alfa Romeo’s SZ coupe and RZ roadster. These cars (factory model ES30) were produced in very limited numbers during the early 1990s.

At their launch, the Zagato styling split the motoring world with its daring, agressive looks, but most agreed that the handling was sublime, some going as far as to label the coupe as the “best handling production car” of its time.

The AROC SZ/RZ Register, documents the history of the model and of individual cars in the UK and provides a knowledge base of technical info. and parts suppliers that helps owners keep their cars on the road. If you own an SZ or RZ, and haven’t already done so, please contact the register secretary with its details.

The register meet at various AROC events during the year. Please refer to our news page for details.

Contact Us

You can contact the register via the secretary:

Adrian Jardine
Tel.: 01628 788887

Technical Help

For technical help on these models, please leave a message on the AROC forum: AROC SZ/RZ forum

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