Alfasud Register

Registrar: Ian Brookfield & Gary Walker


With over one million units built, the Alfa Romeo Alfasud (Type 901, 902 and 904) is one of Alfa Romeo’s most successful models. It was produced in saloon, hatchback, coupe and estate car designs between 1972 and 1989. Although designed as a small family car, the car’s handling set it apart from its rivals and – to many people – the Alfasud was the first “Hot Hatch”.

The AROC Alfasud Register is dedicated to the sharing of historical and technical information relating to the model and individual examples owned by enthusiasts.

If you own an Alfasud, Sprint or Giardinetta in any condition, on the road or not, we would like to gather data about your car. Please take just two minutes to complete your information – no personal information will be shared – to enable us to gather the most accurate database of Alfasuds in the UK and Ireland.

Please visit and help our data gathering for all Alfasuds.

Technical Help

For technical or general help from the registrar and other AROC members, please visit the Alfasud area of the AROC Forum: AROC Alfasud Forum.