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The Alfa Romeo 156 (Type 932) is a compact executive car that was launched at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. It replaced the earlier Alfa Romeo 155 and became a huge success for the company, winning the prestigious European car of the Year in 1998 and selling 680,000 units.

The AROC 156 Register is dedicated to the sharing of historical and technical information related to the model and individual examples owned by enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a reasonably cheap high quality medium sized saloon or estate that has the performance of a sports car, the 156 is the car to choose. Like all Alfas, these cars have great performance. Even the basic 1600cc petrol has a top speed of 120mph.

Technical Help

For technical or general help from the registrar and other AROC members, please visit the 90 area of the AROC Forum: AROC 156 Forum.

The model sold in very large quantities, both in the UK and abroad. A great deal of expertise exists to keep these cars on the road. A number of specialists exist to service, repair and supply spare parts for the cars. Parts availability is good. In addition, many club members have a good knowledge of 156s. A lot of club members either have owned or still own a 156. (Some own more than one). A good source of information about the cars can be gleaned from speaking to members at either local or national events.

The two body styles, saloon and sport wagon have very distinctive styling and don’t seem to date as much as other cars from the same era. The range went through two facelifts in 2002 and 2003. Inside the cars, there is room for four people, five at a push. The interiors are of very high quality. The driving position is excellent and there is sufficient room for your feet.

The cars were offered in both petrol and diesel engined variants. The petrol engined cars ranged from 1.6 litre up to 3.2 litre. Two variants of diesel were available: a 1.9 litre and a 2.4 litre. These engines were very reliable and will cover high mileages. They also have huge amounts of performance. The 2.4 litre diesel has a top speed of 142mph.