Spring Alfa Day 2024

28 apr 2024



Join us for Spring Alfa Day at the fabulous Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

We are delighted to be hosting our Spring Alfa Day at the fabulous Yorkshire Wildlife Park on 28th April 2024.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the UK’s No. 1 walkthrough wildlife adventure park; located near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

YWP welcomes you to come and explore one of the world’s largest purpose built Polar Bear reserves, Project Polar. Get up close and personal with some of the planets most beautiful and rare creatures. Encounter Big Cats like never before at Land of the Tiger, Leopard Heights and Lion Country. Yorkshire Wildlife Park and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation also support animal welfare and conservation efforts in the wild.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s mission is to create a dynamic, interactive experience and regional centre of excellence for the conservation of biodiversity globally and locally that is sustainable both for the environment and business. To promote a wider understanding of the natural world and inspire generations to support and protect the world around us.

And for 2024, the Alfa Romeo Owners Club will be in an entirely new area right by the all-new entrance, so it will feel very different to our event at YWP some years ago!

The new Yorkshire Wildlife complex now includes the HEX Wildlife Hotel on-site, so why not make a weekend of it?

Incredible Wildlife

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s world-class habitats are home to eight wonderful Polar Bears, including a new mum, Flocke, and tiny tot Tala. This is one of the world’s leading centres for Polar Bear welfare and conservation and is the largest centre for Polar Bears outside of Canada!

Take a stroll around the seven-acre Lion Country for unrivalled views o the home of the rescued African Lions, and enjoy 360 degree views from the spectacular waterfall bridge!

Take a spectacular walk along the 300 meter long raised walkway above ‘Land of the Tigers’ for the best views of these magnificent big cats. Witness the majestic cats freely roaming their woodlands and grasslands or playing in their very own waterfall pool. A number of elevated platforms give fantastic views of their tranquil and lush surroundings.

As you explore ‘Into Africa’ you may come across the tallest living land mammal on earth – the Giraffe! During the summer months you may spot them roaming the vast African plains and foraging through the treetops. In the cooler months, head to their purpose built heated indoor house and yard. You can also see our endangered Eastern Black Rhinos in our three-acre Black Rhino reserves.

Built on a former riding school and small farm attraction, Yorkshire Wildlife Park has come along way since opening in April 2009. Now a dynamic centre for conservation and welfare, the park has over 250 animals with over 45 different species.  YWP’s mission is to create a dynamic, interactive experience and regional centre of excellence for the conservation of biodiversity globally and locally that is sustainable both for the environment.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the home to Camels, Cheetahs, Red Pandas, Leopards, Sea Lions, Hyena and Giant Otters too, along with dozens of other exciting mammals, birds, amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles!

Pangea – Discovery of Dinosaurs

Walk Among Pre-Historic Giants

Explore Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s newest reserve and explore the WILDEST Dinosaur park in Yorkshire. Explore the 5 unique lands of Pangea and spot some of the largest and most terrifying species to ever roam the Earth…

This immersive, pre-historic dinosaur experience is home to over 30 life-sized moving ROARING dinosaurs! From the terrifying T-Rex to the villainous Velociraptors, you will find everyone’s favourite Jurassic characters in the heart of Doncaster!

Your journey begins at the heart of the deep, dense forest of the Gondwana region. Fearlessly explore the tropical undergrowth of the rainforest and cautiously explore the cave lands. As you emerge from the undergrowth of Gondwana the ground becomes dry and cracked and you enter the perilous region of Rift Valley. In this harsh terrain, not many survive besides the strongest of the apex predators.

The Rift Valley is where you will meet the Stegosaurus. Embark on the steep climb into the perilous heights of Cathaysia Mountains. Where you will come face to face with Spinosaurus which gets its name from the Greek Thorn Lizard. The sail on its back is a defining feature of this creature.

As you leave the mountainous regions of Cathaysia and head down into the final land of Pangea and the mysterious murky waters of the Gondwana Swamp….. here you will meet the Allosaurus one of the largest Jurassic beasts who are endemic to North America and Portugal. 

This epic area is included with Yorkshire Wildlife Park entry so you can enjoy a truly T-rrific day out!


The Yorkshire Hive is a new free-admission shopping, dining and entertainment destination located adjacent to the entrance of Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster.

The boutique stores are brimming with local artisan products, collectable artwork and inspiring gift ideas. It’s the perfect place to meet friends and family for a snack and coffee.

Young adventurers can run wild and hunt for dinosaurs in ‘Uproar!’, our huge indoor play barn! Or enjoy a delicious meal at Evolution, the experience restaurant.

With its select mix of independent shops and boutiques, shopping at The Yorkshire Hive is a world away from the high street.

Browse for artisan food and drink, locally sourced produce and delicious sweet treats or indulge yourself with beautiful homeware, cards and accessories. Discover gorgeous children’s clothes and gifts, admire stunning African art and wildlife photography or take home a luscious new plant. You can even buy your very own beehive or bug hotel!

Join us for Spring Alfa Day

Tickets for Spring Alfa Day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park are available today, so don’t delay in getting yours!


Use the latest postcode DN9 3QY for sat-nav directions to the NEW car park entrance.

Unfortunately, if your Sat Nav has not been updated it may take you to the wrong entrance so once you are within close proximity, please follow the ‘Brown Signs’ directing you to Yorkshire Wildlife Park car park.

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