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Welcome to the AROC Giulia 105 Register Website...

Website Last Updated - 10th November 2017

The Register caters for the Giulia 105 and 115 Series of Alfa Romeo motor cars.

These include the Giulia saloon, Bertone coupe, Spider and Duetto models. Although the Junior Zagato and Montreal also have 105 prefixes, these cars have their own separate registers within the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

The main aims of the Giulia 105 Register are to offer Club members assistance in sourcing particular models, advice on technical and servicing questions, the location of those ever increasingly rare spares, to organise social events and to generally keep Giulias up and running on the road.

The Register database currently holds listings of over a thousand "alive, dead or just resting" Giulias.

It is stipulated that these services are only made available to listed Club members, a membership verification check will be made with any correspondence.

For further information about the register please contact the secretary

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Don't forget to let us know if you make any changes to your details

Cotswold Alfa Day 2010

Photo Gallery...

2000 GTV


Photos of 105 Series cars submitted by the owners. If you would like a photo added to the gallery please please contact the secretary

Andrew G Dicomites - 1750GTV Mark 1 1969

Andrew Fish - South African built 1965 Sprint GT

Alan Dowd - Berlina 2000 Iniezione - 2008

Andy Clark - Competing at Shelsley Walsh 2006

Andy Watkins - 1974 2000 GTV - Photo by Xtreme Sports

Bill Beattie - 1977 Veloce 2000

Brian Smith - 1991 Spider S4 Beaute Special Edition No. 109/120

Chris Savill - Giulia Super - Prescott 2007

Christan Brewer - 1969 Mk1 1750 GTV

Clive Wilson - 1973 2000 GTV Bertone

Dave Hood - Giulia Super TI - Dover 2007

Dave Hood - Cappuccetto - Donington 2006

Dayan Fernando from Sri Lanka - GT Junior 1974

David Blaen - 1983 S3 Spider 1600

Don Gilkes - 91 Series 4 Spider - Imported 1995

Sally and Neil Fairhursts S2 Spider Veloce starting PAD 2009

Gary Brigden - 1989 QV S3 Spider

Ian Edwards - Spider Junior - NAD 2006

Ian Hutchings - 1965 Sprint GT - Stepfront

Ian Jephcott - 2000 Berlina - Auto Italia Gaydon 2007

Ian Mitchell - 1968 1750GTV - 2006 Croft historic Rally - Photo Ian Hardy

Ian Mitchell - 1968 1750GTV - Ilkley Jubilee Rally 2007

Photo Nigel Middlehurst

John Mills - 1300 GT Junior - Prescott 2005

James Wheeler - S4 2000 Spider - France 2007

James Wheeler - GT Junior at the Nurburgring July 2007

Johnathan Baker

Jim Domleo - 1969 1750GTV

John Elford - 1976 series 2

Jonathan Griffin - Il Mattone Bianco at Croix-en-Ternois in France in 1997

1974 S2 spider - John Honeysett

Jim Britt - 1992 Spider 2.0i converted to r/h/d 1996

Jim Talbott - 1991 Giulia Spider S4

James Wheeler - 1969 Giulia 1600 Super Biscione - 2008

Julian Wilkins - Daily Driver! 1750 GTV - 1968

Keith Forrest - Australia, 1969 1750 GTV MK1 - AR1453148

Jamie Yates - S4 Spider

Mark Byatt - S2 Spider

Lawrence Alexander

Mark Sangster - 1600 Junior

Mark Grimshaw - S3 1600 Spider - France 2007

Matthew Willmott - S2 Spider - Westonbirt 2007

Martin Jones - Duetto

Nevile Byford's 2000GTV taken 2009

Neil Branham - S4 Spider 1.6 & 3 day old 159Ti.

Nigel Copcutt - 94 Series 4 Spider

Nick Foster - LHD S4 - France 2007

Paul Cooper - '69 1750 Veloce Duetto

Peter Nunn - 1972 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

Peter Timotheou - 2000GTV - 1976

Bill Smith & Simon Novis in the Plastic Pig at Goodwood Photo by John Curtin

Roger Bowes - 2000 Spider Veloce - Spring 2007

Richard Johnston - S4 Spider

Simon Addison

Simon Addison - Series 4 Spider

Roger Lewis - 2000 GTV - NAD 2006

Rick Clough 1750 GTV (Mk 1) - AROC Trackday Donington, Oct 2006

Richard Rees - Duetto - 1600 Spider - MITCAR 2007

S4 Spider at Newby Hall 2009 - R Rear

Stuart Edwards - Giulia Super 1600

Series 1, 2 & 3 Spiders at Great Western Alfa Day 2007

Stuart Taylor - 1972 Giulia 1300 Super

Stuart Taylor - 1969 Giulia 1600 Super 'Bisicone'

Stel’s 2000 Spider

Steve Dymoke - Step Front at the Ally Pally - 2007

Steve Porter - Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

Stuart Taylor - 1992 Giulia Spider S4

Steve Watson - 1969 Spider 1750 Sept 2008

Stuart Taylor - 1985 Giulia Spider S3 Green Cloverleaf

Tim Haynes - S3 1600 Spider - Castle Combe June 2007

Tim Birmingham's - 1967 1600 Boat tail Spider

Tom Taylor - Series 4 Spider

Russell Douglas

Russell Douglas - 1964 Giulia Sprint GT at Thorpe Park 2011

Neal Courtney

Neal Courtney - Series 2 Veloce Spider

John Elford's newly sprayed 1978 series 2 spider

David Smith's 1976  Spider 2000 Veloce

Mark Rayss

Mark Rayss - Series 4 Spider 1991

Chris Brewer - 1972 2000 Spider Series 2

Robert Briddon - Series 3 Spider 1982 Ex California

Robert Briddon - Series 3 Spider 1982 Ex California

Terry Richardson - 1964 Sprint GT at Bruntingthorpe

Lawrence Alexander @ Wiscombe 2015

Marcello Ruffini - 1971 1750 GTV

David Pepper - 1968 boat tail Spider (1300 with 1600 engine)

David Roberts S2 2000 Spider


Articles and News...

Alfaholics Trackday

Click the link below which will open the document in pdf format in a new window

Super News by Barry Edmunds - Melbourne Australia

Volume 1 - Number 1 | Volume 1 - Number 2 | Volume 1 - Number 3 | Volume 1 - Number 4 |

Volume 2 - Number 1 | Volume 2 - Number 2 | Volume 2 - Number 3 | Volume 2 - Number 4 |

News ...

The Surrey Section of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club is organising a 'special event' for owners of 105 Bertone Cars at the HWM Alfa Romeo in Walton on Thames on the evening of Monday October 17th from 1930 hrs.

HWM is able to provide space for up to 25 Bertone's to be parked in the forecourt areas and provide some refreshments at the event, and access to their showroom which features some interesting Aston Martin racing history. Additional parking for other Alfa's is available free of charge at the nearby Home Base Car Park for those attending the event. It would be helpful if I can provide Mark with details of how many cars will be attending the event in advance.

I am hoping that owners of 105 coupes from the South London area and adjacent area sections will be interested in attending and to say a few words informally about their ownership of the cars and what makes them special (hopefully some drivers with more knowledge of the way the cars were engineered, and of their racing history, than myself). I would be grateful if those planning to attend can contact me, Jeremy Goff, by mail on so I can let HWM know in advance about the numbers attending.

Classicalfa track day at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit - 16/07/16. Four C-registration Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT's together. Chassis numbers were covered by a spread of about 250 and they were built within about a month and a half of each other. Thank you to Bill Earlham for the excellent photos.

Latest Articles...

Alternator Troubles by Christopher Oates

Article on an S2 Kammtail by John Elford

2000 GT Veloce (SE) by Richard Tuby

The Story of MPC 175P by Andrew Malek

2014 Drive it Day AROC Cotswolds "105 fest"

50 Years of the Giulia by Theo Meinster - Report on the Giulia 50th Celebrations in Italy by Theo Meinster, editor of the Dutch SCARB mag 'Het Klaverblaadje'

Penalty Shoot Out Italy (Alfa) v Germany (BMW) - Peter Timotheou

Three way shoot out for CC Magazine - Martin King

Bound For Britain by Charlotte Coolen & Robin Schmitz

Dayan Fernando from Sri Lanka and his Alfas

Symon Bridle and the travels of his GT Junior

Ian Mitchell First Experiences Rallying a Bertie

Jim Talbott & Stuart Taylor - Article on S4 Spider

Happy 40th Birthday Giulia

105 Model List

1964 - The Giulia Sprint GT by Chris Savill

Jim Talbott's article from the AROC Magazine entitled Osso di Seppia is reproduced here in pdf format.

"This article will be looking at the original long-tail cars, the 1600 Spider, 1750 Spider Veloce and 1300 Junior. Although these Spiders and sometimessubsequent evolutions of this series are referred to as ‘Duettos’, the winning title from a company run competition attracting 140,000 entries, the name was never officially adopted by the manufacturers. The early cars are also often referred to as ‘boat-tail’, ‘round-tail’ or ‘Osso di Seppia’ (cuttlefish bone) because of the body profile."

Each link below will take you to a page from the article about the Duetto

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6


Alfaholics Trackday 2



These links are not endorsed by the register but may prove useful to 105 series owners. If you would like to recommend a link click here to send us the information

Club Websites

The website of the national Alfa Romeo Owners club - Serving Alfa owners since 1964

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club online shop

105 Specialist Spares, Supply and Maintenance

Alfaholics - Clevedon

Classic Alfa - London

EB Spares - Westbury

Highwood Alfa - Swansea

Ian Ellis Classic Alfas - Nr Brighton

RetroMarques - Strensham, Tewkesbury

The Thames Motor Company - Dorchester

The Southwood Car Company - Caterham Surrey

Other Useful Sites

The Essential Buyers Guide - Giulia Spider - Veloce Publishing

The Essential Buyers Guide - Giulia GT Coupe - Veloce Publishing

Owners Websites

Richard Merrell's website


Describing a couple of restoration projects involving a 1970 Giulia GTJ to a GTA replica and a 2000 Series 2 Spider

Classified Ads...

Now Sold








Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti 1969/70 IN Beige Cava.

A first series Giulia in lovely original condition, UK registered. Interior completely re trimmed in high quality German cloth. Rare "Becker Mexico" with iPod adaptor refurbished at great expense at Vintage Wireless in Manchester

Recent new GTA style 6x14 alloy wheels with new Bridgestone tyres. All 2 litre running gear with the larger brakes, Auto Christiano fast road suspension kit with re valved Koni damper. All new brakes and calipers, Suspension bushes /Steering parts all replaced, lightweight prop shaft, rebuilt 2 litre gearbox, rare 4.3 Berlina rear axle with modified LSD rebuilt by Charlie Skinner.

Professionally fitted 8v Twin Spark engine conversion. Engine fully rebuilt with all new components, lightened and balanced with gas flowed cylinder head, C&B Camshafts, lightweight doweled flywheel, large aluminium water radiator with 19 row oil cooler and thermostat, two ECUs -one standard - one chipped, with 7,200 RPM rev limit. Large bore stainless exhaust system.

Owned and developed over many years, this is a lovely car to drive, very fast, reliable,and still returns around 40mpg, mostly used for long European trips.

Offers around £12,500.... For more information contact Dave Hood on 01788 815936 UK or


If you would like to advertise here please contact the Stuart Taylor

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If you have a photograph of your Alfa to go with your application, please email it along with your application form to: Stuart Taylor

or post it to: Stuart Taylor, 144 Sussex Way, Cockfosters, Barnet, Herts, EN4 0BG