Spring Alfa Day April 22

8 February 2018

Report: The first of AROC’s two National events

Spring Alfa Day gave us the chance to do what we love best; drive our Alfa Romeos in the spring sunshine! A group of us from the Yorkshire Section made a weekend of it and stayed overnight at the Huntingdon Premier Inn, where we were joined by Ian and family from Warrington in their lovely blue 164. Unfortunately for us though, the A1 is not the most inspiring of roads and we were glad that we had chosen to stay the night before the event.

After a heavy cloudburst early in the morning, we were greeted by the sight of wet roads and pavements on Sunday. Fortunately though, this was the only rain we saw until much, much later on in the day; after we had left Duxford in fact.

Following on from a hearty breakfast, we made our way to The Imperial War Museum along the speed-restricted A14, most of the time following Ian’s 164, appreciating the lovely burble from the tail pipe of the V6 Busso-engined car. All too soon, even allowing for the roadworks we’d encountered along the way, we arrived at Duxford in the sunshine.

I was in my own Alfa Heaven initially as I had volunteered to look after the Alfasud Register model parking area, which was full quite early on. The variety of cars on show was excellent and I’ve never seen so many 4Cs in the same place at the same time!

These AROC events are noted for their conviviality and Spring Alfa Day this year was no exception to the rule. I couldn’t walk more than five yards without being stopped for a chat by many friends of old and new acquaintance, far too many to mention in fact, which is what it’s all about.

There was also a lot to see from the rows and rows of shiny pampered Alfa Romeos to the two ARCA Twin Spark Cup cars on display, a Filippo Berio-liveried 147 and a yellow 145. There was also the frequent and distinctive noise and sight of the Spitfires as they roared over and past the venue. You only get out of these events what you put into them of course and so many of us enjoyed a picnic with friends and like-minded people on a very warm day.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend for us from the Yorkshire Section in the sunshine among the 600 Alfa Romeos on show in the company of many friends from home and abroad. Thanks to all those involved with the Show, the marshals and volunteers and to Nick Wright and team and to Phil Gotts for their stirling efforts in the organisation of Spring Alfa Day. Here’s to many more successful events in 2018!

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