Section Meeting March 20

8 February 2018

Report: Our March meeting

We had our monthly meeting at The Bay Horse Inn at Green Hammerton on March 20 where, among other things, we looked back on our visit to The Oil Can Cafe and looked forward to our forthcoming Yorkshire Dales Tour in early April. Despite the present flu’ epidemic taking its toll, we still had over twenty local members present at a very convivial and vibrant meeting.

Stuart and Colin showed what exquisite taste they have in Alfa Romeo-themed apparel by turning up in the same design of T-shirt; something of a recent trend of late, which many on the night said was bound to happen sooner or later.

Then, following recent non-start problems with his GTV, Simon W gave us a short but very informative talk for those of us who were previously – and perhaps still are – afraid of their more “modern” Alfa Romeo’s complex ECUs and electrical management systems explaining how he managed to get mobile again using an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) cable and a laptop loaded with commercially available software.

Simon is a typical Yorkshireman in that that he naturally didn’t want to spend too much money to remedy his car’s fault and revealed that, apart from following misplaced advice from a so-called expert which led to the purchase of an – in the event unnecessary – ignition antenna from (of all places) Greece, the cost of the OBD cable and the software program for his laptop was in the end relatively inexpensive and saved a lot of time and money as a result. Indeed, the equipment came into its own subsequently when a further issue was diagnosed as a malfunctioning MAF (mass air flow meter) and faulty Lambda probe, all sorted painlessly and easily by plugging-in and reading the fault codes displayed.

Simon was given a lot of help and friendly advice from Chris at Turin Motors in Leeds who assisted him no end with his efforts. Well done Chris. Your input was very much appreciated by Simon.

We looked back to our visit to The Oil Can Cafe when thirty-three of our local members enjoyed a hearty breakfast and we all agreed that we’d like to do this again, perhaps also taking in  a visit to The Kirklees Light Railway as well. Watch this space. We have a weekend free in September so we’ll see if we can make it happen. Our thanks to Hugh for the suggestion and information. Breakfast meetings are proving to be extremely popular so we’ll endeavour to arrange a few more throughout the coming year.

Colin then went on to outline arrangements for the upcoming Dales Tour in April, more details of which you can find on this website. It was good to welcome Phil from Ilkley who joined us for the first time last evening and, with the 916 Series GTVs still in the spotlight, it was perhaps somewhat disappointing to learn that Tony has had to order a new steering rack from Bosch on a three-month turnaround for his car. We suggested the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Parts Service as a possible alternative source of supply.

Overall, it was an extremely lively meeting and we all look forward to April’s gathering at our joint meeting with AROC’s Lincolnshire Section at The Reindeer Inn at Sandtoft near Doncaster next month. Please try and join us there.

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