Section Meeting February 20

6 February 2018

Report: Our February meeting

At a packed Bay Horse Inn, we had our first meeting of the year where a whole range of topics were discussed and enthused about among the gathered.

Firstly, it was good to see a few newbies in attendance with Mick and Melissa and Steve and Joanne joining us for the evening. Steve has just had a brand new Stelvio delivered and loves it to pieces. Unfortunately, as originally ordered, Steve’s first Stelvio had to be returned to Italy as part of the batch that had brake fluid faults but fortunately, Alfa Romeo provided a Stelvio for him to use as a courtesy car while another brand new Stelvio of higher specification was sourced for him. Needless to say, Steve is delighted with the goodwill demonstrated by Alfa Romeo. His ‘new replacement’ Stelvio is proving to be all he wanted it to be… and then some!

The day of our meeting had seen the official launch of the Sauber C37; a car that sees the return of Alfa Romeo to F1 after some thirty-three years. Looking at the images released that day, we all agreed that if there were prizes for handsomeness, the Sauber would win hands down but then of course we are naturally biased. It’ll be good to have something to shout about and something to give us a renewed interest in the coming F1 season though.

Simon told us about the electrical problems and the non-start issues he’d been having with his Phase 2 GTV and its ECU, which had managed to confuse itself. Luckily, with the help and friendly advice of local Alfa Romeo specialist independents, he’d managed to rectify the problem. We ran out of time at last night’s meeting but Simon has agreed to spend a few minutes with a talk at our next meeting to explain fully how he’d overcome the gremlins using his laptop and a reader. One to look forward to I think as many owners of newer Alfa Romeos sometimes live in fear of their complex electrical management systems…

Thoughts then turned to our upcoming visit to The Oil Can Cafe for our breakfast meeting there next month. From the number of our members who let us know they were coming, this should be quite a popular event and one that we’re all very much looking forward to. Also, filling fast, is the number of bookings for our upcoming Dales Tour in April. Arrangements for the run are being finalised and full details will be released very shortly.

Hugh had arrived at our meeting in his ‘bucket list’ GTV Cup, the subject of his excellent article in the February issue of the Club magazine. He and fellow GTV owner Simon became deeply ensconced in discussing the various characteristics of the model and improvements that could be made, while long-standing local member Howard teased us with news of a mid-engined sports car with an Alfa Romeo power plant that had come into his possession but which wasn’t an Alfa Romeo. He’s promising to reveal all soon.

We discussed and anticipated our forthcoming Weekend Away Trips to support Spring Alfa DaySouth West Alfa Day and National Alfa Day outlining our plans to take the opportunity of an overnight stay at local hostelries at each of these events. Several more topics of discussion broke out including Mark and Vickie’s plans to purchase a Giulietta and their forthcoming trip to Rome, Hugh’s immaculate and trouble-free 159 that’s up for sale and, briefly, the possibility of moving the venue for our Section meetings around our county.

Chairman Nicholas Williamson will be representing us at the forthcoming AROC Sections Meeting in Coventry in early March where the Club’s national Board members are inviting proposals from all of its Area Sections to gauge our needs and requirements. Several suggestions were acknowledged by Nicholas on the night and he will report back to us at our next Section get-together.

There was just time to report that arrangements for our Section’s premier event in our Italian Car and Motorcycle Day (ITCAM 3) at Newby Hall in June were progressing well and that there was interest in joining up with the Club’s visit to The Netherlands for the Spettacolo Sportivo event in August.

It was a lively night and again we were looked after (and fed!) very well by our hosts Jon and the Team at The Bay Horse. We’ll see you all soon for breakfast at The Oil Can Cafe!

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