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Twilight Drive

George & Dragon, Thringstone, 8 September 2022

Photos by John Griffiths

Our meeting at The George & Dragon was a very strange one, given the announcement when many were driving over of the death of HM The Queen.  The heavy rain hadn’t helped either, however, in odd circumstances we pressed ahead with numbers naturally reduced.

After a chat around our cars and welcoming first-timers Richard Dry with his Giulia Quadrifoglio and Ross Grant with his blue 916 Spider Twin Spark, Brian Smith got ready to lead the convoy in his Brera.  We’d planned to go at spot on 7:30, but 5 minutes before the heavens opened, so all mounted up!

I got under my brolly to get photos of the cars leaving the pub, then doing the drive-past – then retired for a pint in toast of Her Maj.  So very strange that was.   Brian knows a great route or two around that district, and he connected some lovely villages into a 45 minute loop – properly Twilight and in patchy showers – returning after dark.  All then piled into the back room of the pub for a natter.

So we made it an enjoyable evening, but many departing early to see the TV coverage, which I must say to me was very well done indeed.

Queen Elizabeth. To quote someone more eloquent than me; “She seemed so timeless and so wonderful that I am afraid we had come to believe, like children, she would go on and on.”

A bright and shining light finally gone out.  

Long live the King.