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Research Garage meeting - with the  Alfa Romeo CEO!

Research Garage, Nuneaton, March 2022

Photos by John Griffiths, Craig Percy and Research Garage

Our group at Research garage enjoyed a coffee and a look around the very smart showroom having lined some of our Alfas in Customer Parking. It was a good opportunity to see the literally just-arrived MY22 Giulia and Stelvio.  Peter Farley's gorgeous 1957 Giulietta Spider and Ian Jephcott's immaculate 2000 Berlina were positioned in the show room for a photo opportunity too.

We learned from Research's General Manager Mark Lines that iAlfa Romeo’s Global CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato was due to arrive as part of a whistle-stop tour, and not only that would have Alison Jones (UK MD for Stellantis Group),  Alfa’s UK Country Manager Damien Dally, and Sam Brandon, AR UK Sales Manager with him too.

We'd gravitated to the mezzanine level to enjoy a natter when the group of them arrived - our attendance a surprise to them all - then Damien spotted me and gave a  wave, there was a quick exchange of words and wow - Jean-Philippe literally bounded up the stairs with an out-stretched hand to greet us!

You'll get an idea of things from A the photos, but Jean-Philippe spent a good 10 minutes chatting to each one of us there.  He was really interested in the Alfa s that we own  - was delighted to be shown cars through the window - on phones and camera displays and had a good laugh at the picture of Brian Smith's Peugeot van with Alfa badge on it!   We're still not sure of what he made of Ian's ARNA mind you...  Ha ha!   

He was delighted to see our very varied cars outside, and was keen to clutch the Club magazine I gave him - I saw him placing it in his Stelvio Quadrifoglio as he left in the convoy to the next engagement too!

Some of us caught another few words with Jean-Philippe after he'd had his meeting with the Research management team.  He was very keen to tell us that we'll love the Tonale, that it droves like an Alfa should - but that it is in the market segment to make the company some money - and that he has seen wonderful plans for even more exciting Alfas to come that we will all love.  He felt most warm and genuine in that, and he could easily have just politely waived and walked off but no, he was really keen to speak to us.

It was indeed a  very special opportunity.  A big thank you to Mark Lines the GM, sales manager Justin Thomas, and Ian Rawson-MacKenzie the Research Garage owner, for having us there for such an enjoyable morning.

As Mark says, they are very keen to have us back and in bigger numbers - not least when the Tonale lands.