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MITCAR - Midlands Italian Car Day, Sunday 16 August 2015

Photos by John Griffiths


Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione - Clive Richardson


OSCA Maserati (Fissore Body) - Chris Shore

MITCAR Special Award

FIAT Cinquecento - Laura Rutland


Punto Abarth - John Milington


Maserati Bora - John Chatley

CAR OF THE DAY (by public vote)

Winning MITCAR’s Camshaft Trophy - Giulietta Spider - Peter Cremer

Our Section’s big event of the year was an absolute cracker, making all the advance planning and effort on the day more than worthwhile.  With around 370 cars in attendance, of all shapes and sizes, it was one of the bigger ones we’ve ever done too!

    Deene Park being the home of the Brudenell family for over 500 years was a great back-drop for us with the wonderful building, gardens, bridge and lake plus rolling parkland for us to display in.  We chose an area where we could effectively ‘pack’ in in groups by make, and I think that worked in making it feel homely and of one unit. We did have to ‘overflow’ to the neighbouring area, but Graeme Chessum, Mark Sangster and Graham Would did a grand job of keeping that tidy, and even with another impromptu grouping of 916 Alfas!  The gate team did super job in welcoming people—Martin and Jackie of special mention again, supported by Alex and Mark Gunston, backed up by Lynda, Shona and Rebecca too.

    A particular highlight among the cars was the tremendous display of Alfasuds and Sprints, primarily co-ordinated by Kev Plowman.  - 16 Alfasuds and 5 Sprints is one of the biggest collections seen at any event in recent times.  It went to show that the ones left are in the main, immaculate!  There’s still some real passion for them out there.  Surely these fabulous cars have got to start really appreciating soon?  There were some great Classic Alfas along as ever, Alfettas, Giuliettas, numerous Giulias and Berlinas.

    We had some amazing rarities along from Fiat 500 Giardinetta to Lancia Appia, but our organiser’s award went to the little OSAC Maserati, bodied by Fissore, belonging to Chris Shore. A little cracker.  Some may remember Chris as a past MITCAR overall winner with his Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato in dark blue. If anything this OSCA is even rarer!

‘Best Exotic’ - Well the slightly late arrival of three Lamborghinis was quiet a highlight there.  A yellow Gallardo Spider, orange Gallardo Performante Spider and then the evilest matt black Murcielago LP570 SV were all terrific.  Martin and Jacqui’s end Ferrari F430 Spider was one of only 2 along this year, it was joined late on by a 328 GTS.  What has happened to the Ferrari club in the Midlands incidentally? Still Maserati didn’t let us down with some superb Quattroportes and Ghiblis.  A Giugiaro Lots Esprit Turbo was fun to (sort of) include too!  Our absolute favourite though was the simply stunning 8C Competizione in Blu Ultramare—an incredibly rare colour—belonging to club member Clive Richardson. A deserved award winner.

   Another exotic won our Organisers’ Choice—the dark blue Maserati Bora belonging to John Chatley.  You so rarely see these beauties.  The Detailing award was a tricky one as so many cars had been well prepared. We were leaning to a restored classic, but felt it had to go to a much newer car, simply for the owners utter fanaticism, It went to the white Punto Abarth belonging to John Millington. It may be just a year old, but it was immaculate in every way, even with mirrors around it to check underneath!

   Our ‘Off-beat’ Special award went to an obviously much-loved Fiat Cinquecento belonging to Laura Rutland. The ‘NOS’ stickers were a particular point of note!

   Car of the Day at MITCAR is always by public vote. This year it went to a car we hadn’t seen before and new AROC member Peter Cremer from Grantham—a spotless red Giulietta Spider, complete with chrome wire wheels. (He has standards too!).  People love to see chrome in the sunshine!

    Onto ‘thanks’ again - support appreciated from Martin Brackenbury ( AFH1 Mansfield ), Ed McDonough with his book stand, Richard and Helen with Italian Miniatures, Nick Wright with AROC events clobber, Danielle and the AROC Shop, Motoworld for the Agip/Eni oil prizes, Dom and all the Fiat Forum event guys, Gill Woodward and the Fiat Motor Club crew, plus the Abarth OC.  On the ‘parking’ marshal front, special mentions to Richard Shaw, Rob Galloway, Duncan Langford, Roger Smith, Dave Atkins, plus Bob & Gll Human and Declan Gray, and of course Alan Lathwell who helped me on co-ordination all over the place.  Brian Smith did a great job in selecting cars for awards that we then pondered over . That was some effort given the choice!  Paul Jones had done a lot of advance work contacting 4C owners—and the reward was 7 in attendance which people loved seeing. That included a white one for a change too!  Thanks to him also for organising the Alfa Hospitality unit and providing some welcome sponsorship from Chris Variava Nottingham too. I must mention Paul’s wife Liz too who baked some brilliant cakes again for us to enjoy in the unit, plus sons who helped on the car selection front too!! Thanks to Lynda Langford for looking after the gate monies – a key job that!  

   Most importantly, thanks to everyone who came along, and special thanks again to Bryan Alexander for starting all this back in 2001. We’re still going 15 years on, who’d have thought? The best thing is it seems to be many people’s favourite Italian car event.  That’s a great reward.    MITCAR will return!!  John