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April Meeting Night at The George & Dragon

Thringstone,13 April  2022

Photos by John Griffiths and Jason Hood

Our first outdoor evening meeting of the year was mercifully dry and relatively warm after afternoon showers, and we had a great selection among the 30 or so Alfas along.  James Rose had brought another of his 6 (!) Alfas over from Doncaster direction – a lovely black GT 3.2 V6 this time.  Dave Roberts had travelled over from the West Mids in his delightful Nuvola Blue GTV V6.  Great to have Dave Hills over in his 1300 GT Junior too that looks superb in French Blue.  Dave Atkins brought over his stunning Montreal Green Giulia Quadrifoglio, and we had a stack of stunning Spiders including the almost-but-not-quite matching white ones of Jason Hood and Robert Gregory, Roger Smith with his lovely 916 Phase 3 Spider 3.2 V6.   I can’t list all here, but you’ll get a good idea from the photos.
Part of the fun of the evening was a ‘blag-a-ride’ element and several took part to get some experiences.  For example, Brian Smith arrived in his Brera but popped home to do a swap with his 4C Spider so he could give a few rides in that to the uninitiated!   Geoff Cavers was also very kind in giving multiple spins out in his Stelvio QF – a vehicle that basically defies physics!  Also, Alex Pope had his new Tesla Model 3 Dual-Duracell along and people (like me) who’d not experienced one were able to marvel in its time-bending performance from the passenger seat.  A lot of fun!

Thanks as always to all who came along to make it such a fun evening. John